Monday Motivator: Consider an Older Child This Holiday

My friend Alena was doing her Angel Tree shopping this past weekend when she noticed that most of the angels left on the tree were for older children. Sadly, this is often the case. Not out of any ill intent; most of us find it easier to shop for small children. Even with the children I know, it gets harder each year to find things they might like (within a reasonable price range and not involving gift cards).

Still, older children want to unwrap presents as well. They want to know their needs are important. So if you are  a person who does the Angel Tree or Samaritan’s Purse Shoe Box, please consider buying gifts for the teenager in need. While the deadline for giving to these charities may have passed for this year, some will still accept donations in order to buy for those children not chosen, and, as of Saturday night, Books-a-Million still had its book donation drive going. (Just tell them you want to buy a book for an older child.)

So please consider providing for an older child this year or next. Let them know that they have not been forgotten.


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