Monday Motivator: Start a Gift Jar for Next Year

If there is one basic truth about  me is that I’m a fortunate person and yet I often complain about not having enough (money, time, emotional support, you name it). So when I saw an idea last week, I decided that I would do this  as a reminder that, unless I have actually lost everything and am living on the street, I am indeed a lucky person.

The suggestion is the basic savings jar. Make a decision at the beginning of the year about what goes into the jar: It could be your change each evening. It could be dollar bills. It could be an automatic transfer into a checking account. Then at the end of the year, use that money to make a real difference in the life of a person or family that really needs it. 

I like the yearlong focus on helping other people. I like the reminder that if I can put money in this jar, then I am don’t need to be complaining. I even like the subtle push to choose between the grande latte and the account. 

So let’s start next year in a giving way. And for the rest of this year, I wish everyone a very happy holiday.


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