Monday Motivator: Celebrate When the Bad Doesn’t Happen

I am an old man and have known a great many troubles, but most of them have never happened. 
― Mark Twain (attributed)

Like many of you, I spent the weekend thinking about bad weather: snow, ice, and the coldest temperatures in more than a decade. I worried about my heat pump malfunctioning, my pipes bursting, and my car sliding off the road as I drove to work on icy streets. 

But this morning, my heat pump was noisy and rattly, but working. My pipes made it through this first night of cold. And a combination of wind, luck, and TDOT treatment of the roads made the drive in like any other normal day.  (Well, except for scraping ice off the windshield in single-digit temperatures!)

Since I do not have the ability to control the weather, it obviously made little sense to spend much time worrying about what would happen,once I’d done the few things I could do, such as  leaving the water running at night and buying some groceries, Yet, I still worried. It’s what I do. So since I’m a worrier, and at this late date, probably not going to stop any time soon, I decided to add another step to the process:

I am going to celebrate when all the things I worry about DON’T happen. So today, I reveled in my warm house. I gave a big shout out to my pipes for not bursting and letting me have some nice hot water for my shower. And I said thanks as I drove on non-icy roads.  

Okay, it may be a little corny, but I think we all need a reminder that many things that keep us up nights may never happen. (Even as I type this, my inner worrier is saying, “But they could all happen tonight.) Still, they didn’t happen today, and, for today, that’s enough.


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