Monday Motivator: Take Another Look at Your Resolutions

It’s that time of year when gym regulars notice that there are fewer people on the machines and in the classes. Those who gave up sweets are now saying that maybe they will have one cupcake; after all, you only live once. And despite the cold, those who swore to give up smoking this year are disappearing outside a few times a day. 

Yes, it’s the end of January, and those resolutions seem as cold as the frozen lock that won’t let you in your car tomorrow morning. My own resolutions have hit something of a speed bump as well. One was to do a thirty-day challenge each month with the caveat that if I didn’t make one month, I had to keep it as well as add another the next. At this rate, I’ll have to take annual leave all of December to make up the failed challenges. The other was not to weigh more at the end of the month than I did at the beginning. Anyone for a quick liposuction this Friday?

Still, I think the better approach is not a passel of self-recriminations. Use this week to take a second look at those resolutions. Maybe the problem is not you, but them. Maybe you resolved to go to the gym five times a week, but with your schedule, you’re doing well to get there twice a week. Maybe in the whole scheme of things, you’re happier with the occasional cupcake than three fewer pounds. And who really cares if you like The Bachelor as long as you also work on your projects?

We tend to be over-optimistic on the first day of the year when all is new. But now four weeks into a cold and gray winter, take some time to review those resolutions with a more realistic eye. Then keep the ones that are truly meaningful to you. Modify them if necessary. Throw away the ones that just make you feel bad about yourself.

And then start anew. 


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