Monday Motivator: Chase the Grays Away

I’m not sure what it was: 

  • The cold rainy weather with threats of ice.
  • The unexciting Super Bowl.
  • The fact that Sherlock ended its season.

But this morning, there just seemed to be a cloud of gloom everywhere. Bad moods dominated. People were snapping over things that last week would have, at most, caused a shrug. Even questions were posed as challenges. If we were all in a music video, this would be the moment that Katy Perry would appear singing and suddenly we’d all be rescued from this gray abyss into a vivid, multicolored happy world. 

But, alas, no Katy Perry appeared. If we were going to be rescued, we would have to do it ourselves. And I suppose that is true of most things. So we looked at each other and accepted the fact that we were grumpy. Then we resolved that this was the last we would speak of it. 

Now we didn’t magically start singing and dancing. But we did start to smile occasionally. And some days that’s enough!


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