Monday Motivator: Try to Find a Bright Spot

The Jolly Librarian was out sick two days this week, which is why the Monday Motivator is on Wednesday this week. I had some sort of stomach bug, and while people in all walks of life indulge in self pity their own way, probably most single people can recognize themselves in at least part of my way:

Ugh, I’m sick.

I have no ginger ale or crackers. I should have bought some. But I didn’t. And there’s no one who cares enough to bring me any.

Okay, I have bread and tea. But they are downstairs, and I’m upstairs. There’s no one to bring them to me.

Obviously, I will now die alone and no one will care at all until I don’t show up at work. How sad it is to be me.

The only good thing about this scenario is that after a few hours of this, I am as sick of myself as I am physically sick. 

Now, no one is ever going to describe me as a Pollyanna, but, over the years, I’ve realized that the self pity is a signal that I’m actually getting better. (When I’m really sick, I barely think anything other than “must throw up again” and “must now lie on the bathroom floor in misery before throwing up again.”) So if I have the brain power to whine, I have the brain power to think of something else.

So I made the effort to find a bright spot, any bright spot:

  • The tea and toast seem to be staying put in my stomach.
  • No one else at the library is sick, so work is covered.
  • The Olympic Games are on, so I won’t have to switch through dreadful daytime shows.
  • Living alone means that I’m not having to take care of or talk to anyone in my incapacitated (i.e. grumpy) state.

This attempt doesn’t always work, but, more often than not, it really does help me start my way back to a better mood.  


One thought on “Monday Motivator: Try to Find a Bright Spot

  1. You should try riding a bike. A study from Bowling Green State University reported that as little as 10 minutes of cycling improved the mood among 21 men and women, compared to a similar group who did nothing during that time. I know that it definitely makes me feel better on my commute to and from work. It’s relaxing and gives me time to think.

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