Monday Motivator: Have Your Own Personal ‘Happy’ Song

This has not been the best of mornings. I had bad dreams and then overslept. And let’s just say some basic personal grooming had to be omitted to get to the dentist on time. There, I tried on my new mouth guard which resembles something that might have been used in the Middle Ages as an instrument of torture. Of course, the second it was in my mouth, both my dentist and his assistant decided to ask me numerous questions about my weekend. My mood was definitely bad by the time I walked into the library this morning.

Then a student returned some headphones because they weren’t working. Now, there are many reasons a student might not hear sound on a computer, so we routinely check headphones when there are complaints. So I went to my computer and put on Pharrell Williams’s “Happy.” This song has the ability to instantly cheer me up. By the time the song ended, I was back on track and ready to enjoy the day.

Everyone should have such a song. If you don’t, your assignment for this week, if you choose to accept it, is find one. 


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