Monday Motivator: Celebrate the Ephemeral

Yesterday, I went to Cheekwood Botanical Garden to see the tulips. If you know anything about these flowers, you know that you can’t procrastinate when they’re blooming. They will not hang around waiting for you. For a few years, I planted tulip bulbs in the fall. They were beautiful in the spring. But more than once, I left a gorgeous array of color in the morning only to find only scattered petals when I returned home, victims of a windy day.

As I walked around the various beds, I could see, even in the midst of their peak blooming time, some of  their number were already wilting and losing their petals. It didn’t make the experience less beautiful, but it was bittersweet to realize that even if I returned the next week, the colors would already be fading.

Still, I’m grateful I get to enjoy such beauty. And tulips are a good reminder that all things, when it comes right down to it, are impermanent, and I should never overlook a chance to appreciate them.




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