Appreciate the Orange Starburst

At Easter, one of my little buddies was opening the eggs he’d found. He was doing quite well; the plastic eggs opened to reveal some money and lots of candy. He is a generous soul, offering some of his candy to his family around him. He heard me tell his cousin that I liked the orange Starburst the best, and the next time an egg revealed one, he gave it to me. (By the way, orange is also his favorite. As I said, he’s a generous soul.)

A few minutes later, he noticed that I hadn’t eaten it. Not yet the master of an extensive vocabulary, he pointed at it. I said I was going to eat it later. He pondered that for a moment, took the candy, unwrapped it, and popped it in his mouth. 

One doesn’t simply give up one’s favorite candy just to see it sitting on a blanket. You want to see it enjoyed. 

The lesson was learned. The next time an orange Starburst came my way, I ate it.


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