Monday Motivator: Be Prepared to Laugh

So I have “The Argyle Sweater” daily calendar. Some days the comic is hilarious. Some days, it’s dumb. And some days, I just give up on ever getting the joke. 

On the days that it’s hilarious, I share it with my colleagues. Colette always laughs; we have a similar sense of humor. Emily looks at it and then hands it back. She always gets it, but she rarely finds it as funny as I do. But my favorite reaction comes from Pam. When she sees me coming with that square piece of paper, she starts laughing. She laughs as she reads it. She laughs as she hands it back. And then, about the half the time, she says, “I don’t get it.” And then we both laugh again. And even if she doesn’t like the comic, we laugh later at how she laughed at something she didn’t even understand. It’s like one happy moment stretched out for a whole day.

We could borrow something from Pam’s playbook. Too many of us anticipate all the bad things, from real tragic events to minor irritations, that might happen to us on any given day. But such anticipation joins the joy out of the day. How much better to assume that you’re going to have things to laugh about! And then laugh.



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