Monday Motivator: Try the One Minute Rule

In her book The Happiness Project, Gretchen Rubin mentions the one minute rule; If something takes less than a minute, then go ahead and do it instead of putting it off.

Friday night, I came home to find my dining table covered with books, papers all over my sofa, and clothes hanging off my bed frame. Had someone broken in my house? No, it was the inevitable result of not following this rule. Instead of putting things away, I stacked them. And then stacked them some more. And then some more. 

 So after spending part of the weekend putting away the stuff that piled up over the previous weeks, I made a resolution to follow Rubin’s rule. I will no longer throw something to the side if I could just as easily hang it up, put it in the bookcase, or place it in a file. 

Now, I need to do the same with my office here. But one step at a time. . .



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