Learning Tips from the Jolly Librarian: Try a Different Way

I spent most of the past weekend on YouTube. I can almost see you shaking your heads, unhappy that the Jolly Librarian has given up practicing piano for binge watching kitten videos.

But never fear! I have not given up on the keyboard. The videos were all to help me learn how to keep time. After our last class, I realized that I seemed to be the only one who really didn’t understand how fast or slow the notes were supposed to be. Most of the other folks in the class play other instruments or sing, and the one other person who doesn’t seems to have a good sense of rhythm (at least, according to what I hear our teacher say during their one-on-one time behind me.)

I’ve taught long enough to know that not every professor’s teaching style will match up every time with each student’s learning style. When that happens, it’s time to look for a different way to learn the material. So I checked out two books on music theory and read over the chapters on keeping time. Then I looked up every YouTube demonstration I could find.  I am still having troubles, but it’s no longer as if the instructor is speaking in tongues.

Sometimes when we run into trouble in a class, we jump too quickly to blame: either the instructor or ourselves. But it just may be that we need to look at the subject in a slightly different way.

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