Daily Archives: October 20, 2014

Monday Motivator: Keep Things in Perspective

If you search the term “Facebook envy,”  you will get more than 45,000 hits. There are even articles on how to cope with the envy that accompanies reading the posts of our ‘friends’  who are on vacations, in love, at fancy restaurants, and participating in other wonderful activities while we sit on our sofas in our sweat pants and eat potato chips.

And maybe all the types of social media do play a part in the general feeling of dissatisfaction that I often encounter. The list seems endless:

  • We don’t make enough money.
  • We’re not appreciated.
  • Other people get more time off.

And maybe all of it is true. But we can get too focused on the bad parts of our lives and lose perspective. So keep in mind the following:

  • (Spoiler Alert) You haven’t come across a roaming band of cannibals as poor Bob did last night in The Walking Dead.
  • You are not an Oakland Raider.
  • You are not the publicist for Carnival Cruises.
  • You are probably not a customer service rep for Comcast. (If you are, I feel for you. You get all the hate and none of the appreciation.

And more seriously, when you really are down about your financial situation, go to this website and see how you rank in the world.