Learning Tips from the Jolly Librarian: Celebrate Along the Way

Last week in piano class, I was working on a song (A song for me is a piece that has two lines of music.), and my instructor said to transpose it to F minor. Yikes. This was the very thing that I’d been dreading. Although I now better understood the various keys and major/minors, I was still very confused about transposing.

While she moved on to the next student, I made myself take a deep breath and tried to focus on what I knew. And after a couple of practices, I got it. I was so excited that when my teacher came back around, I asked to play the transposed piece first. Which I did.

I finished and turned to her triumphantly. She then did her job: praising my accuracy but pointing out my rhythm was off. I was a little disappointed that she wasn’t as excited as I was but then realized this was a personal victory. In fact, I had concentrated on not letting her know how confused I was about transposing.

Since then, I have made many more mistakes. But that one victory has kept me plugging away.

(And I had an extra raspberry fudge popsicle to celebrate when I got home that night.)


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