Monday Motivator: Just Ask

On Saturday, I had dinner with some friends who have two dogs. They went up to all the guests wanting to be petted. The golden retriever was especially affectionate. If I stopped petting her, she’d put her head back under my hand or just tap me with her paw as a reminder that I had stopped and needed to start up again. Once she’d had enough, she dropped at my feet and took a short nap.

What a wise dog. She didn’t sit in the corner waiting to be noticed. She didn’t pout because no one came up to her immediately. She didn’t walk away when the petting stopped wondering why the person didn’t ‘know’ that she still wanted affection. She knew what she wanted, and she asked for it.

Think of how much time we waste expecting other people to read our minds and then being upset when they don’t. “I shouldn’t have to ask,” is a refrain I hear often. But, actually, we do.

So for 2015, I’m making the resolution to ask for what I need. I think you should too.


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