Monday Motivator: Face the Truth

I recently downloaded MyFitnessPal onto my iPad. Now I regularly input the foods I eat in the hope that I will lose weight. I am going for twenty pounds but will be satisfied if I can wear my pants and still be able to breathe normally.

The thing about any of these calorie counters is that they simply make you face the truth about food and exercise. Here is what I’ve learned:

  • A hour’s worth of exercise (running and brisk walking) doesn’t even burn off the calories of a simple breakfast of cereal and a latte, let alone give one carte blanche to eat like a maniac the rest of the day.
  • The Sweet Tarts that I’ve been addicted to since third grade are not my friends when it comes to calories. Ten small Sweet Tart ducks (Easter version) have 50 calories. I can easily eat a hundred of them.
  • Wine has calories.
  • I can (and have done so) consume 3000 calories in a day.

Basically, despite the stories I’ve told myself about why I’ve gained weight (all which basically put the blame on anything but my eating and exercise habits), MyFitnessPal has made me face the ugly truth: On a regular basis, I eat more calories than I burn. (And my addiction to Sweetarts and French fries will have to be managed before I have a chance at losing weight.)

But if I can so completely deceive myself over something as straightforward as food and weight gain, I’m wondering if there are other areas of my life where I do so as well? And I’m going to do a self-inventory.

Right after I go through my Sweet Tart withdrawal.


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