Monday Motivator: Brighten Someone’s Day

On Saturday, I had the depressing task of having to buy a mousetrap. If I were Superman, mice would be my kryptonite. I get freaked out by the very thought of them. So I was probably not in the best mood as I waited in line behind a mother with two very young daughters who were munching on popcorn.

One little girl said to her sister, “There’s a lady behind you.”

The other turned, looked at me with wide eyes for a couple of seconds, and proceeded to give me a giant hug. Then her sister did the same thing.

I have never had a day turn around so fast. Sure, I still had to go home and deal with a mouse (or mice), but suddenly I was smiling and felt that I could do with what I had to do.

Now as adults, we probably can’t go around hugging strangers on a regular basis. But we can still make an effort to welcome and comfort those whom we encounter each day. It doesn’t have to be anything major: a smile, a sincere thank-you, letting someone else in front of you in line, etc.

And the effects of such little gestures multiply. Because of two hugs from strangers on a Saturday morning, I was nicer to everyone I met this weekend..

Well, except for the mouse.


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