Monday Motivator: Never Underestimate the Power of a Little Thing

When I’m not wearing my contacts, I have to rely on two pairs of glasses, one for distance, one for reading. It’s supposed to go like this: one pair on my eyes; one pair on the top of my head. Except it rarely happens this way, mainly because of my curly hair. The glasses on my head get caught in my hair, and I become irritated. So I throw the pair I’m not wearing to the side.

And that’s how I managed to roll over on my pair for distance one night before going to sleep  and stretching them so out of shape that they fell off my nose every time I put them on. This did not seem to be a big deal since I wear my contacts for most of my waking hours. So I put up with it and kept delaying getting them fixed.

Then this summer, I decided to make a list of little annoyances that needed to be dealt with. A couple of weeks ago, I remembered to put my glasses in my bag and took them to Costco at lunch time. They were fixed in no time. (And I even enjoyed a nice slice of the combo pizza.)

What I would not have predicted was  how happy this made me. I was able to take my contacts out earlier in the evening. When I put my glasses on, I didn’t have to avoid looking down since they no longer slid off my face. I had underestimated the effect those warped glasses had on my mood.

So this week, don’t overlook the power of the little.


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