Monday Motivator: Defy Inertia

“A body at rest tends to stay at rest.”– Newton’s first law of motion

When I was kid, I was sure that, when I became an adult, I would have an archenemy. This person would try to prevent me from reaching my goals and actively subvert my desires. And would throw me into quicksand if given the opportunity. (My family watched a lot of Westerns.)

As an adult, I find that I do have an archenemy. Unfortunately, it’s no one as intriguing as the gunslinger in the black hat or the White Walkers in Game of Thrones.  But it’s just as dangerous. My archenemy is inertia.

A friend once went to a workshop where they were told to draw a picture of the attitude or trait that caused them the most trouble. Well, here is how my inertia looks to me:

TransientBlob copyHe is bottom heavy and he hates moving. He convinces me that it’s much better just to stay where I am. Sometimes it’s literal. I come home from work and decide to sit down to watch the news before I start on some evening activities. But inertia convinces me that it’s much nicer just to stay seated and watch just one more show. And then one more.

Sometimes inertia makes a sneak attack on my goals and dreams. “Really,” it says, “Why would you want to try that? You make a decent salary. You have a nice house. Just remain comfortable. Comfortable is good. Risk taking is bad.”

I’ve realized that my childhood fear has come true. I have been thrown into a type of quicksand. I may not be drown, but I also don’t get anywhere.

My mom used to work in the school cafeteria. Often she did several loads of laundry before work, and, then after work, cook dinner, clean, iron, and help us with our homework. I realized that, no matter how tired she was after a day on her feet, she didn’t sit down until all the chores were done. She knew that the way to battle inertia was to never let it get a hold on you.

Unfortunately, it does have a hold on me. But I’ve decided to put up a battle.According to most of the writers on this topic, the key to beating inertia is simply to begin. Something. Anything.

Wish me luck. Because if you remember anything about quicksand from those old TV shows, it takes a lot of pulling to get out of there.

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