Daily Archives: August 24, 2015

Monday Motivator: Let’s Get Started

Fall semester started today at our college. The parking lot is full. Students are wandering around ¬†looking for their classes. And faculty have butterflies in their stomachs, no matter how many times they’ve done this before.

There’s something sweet about the beginning of the semester:

  • Young freshmen hope to leave their high school days behind and start anew.
  • Older adults are excited that they finally are going to college.
  • Faculty are ready to try new things and see students respond.
  • And, here in the library, we want to provide the support students need to be successful.

Of course, some baggage persists. Students may bring some bad study habits with them. Some students have family obligations that will make college a challenge. As hard as they try, faculty will realize that they can’t reach everyone. And, here in the library, we’ll realize that sometimes our support may not be enough.

But those days are not today. For today, let’s enjoy the newness of the semester and the hope we all bring to it. Because without hope, nothing gets changed.

So let’s forge ahead, knowing that at the end of the semester, we won’t be perfect, but we’ll have done our best. And we’re further along the path.