Monday Motivator: Build Loyalty Step by Step

About a year ago, my car stereo stopped playing and charging my iPhone. I have tried various fixes since then, but this past week, after even the dealer’s mechanic gave up, I decided to go to an electronics store. There I was given the news that my car was not a simple fix. Besides the stereo, three other parts would have to installed as well.

After thinking over the cost, I went back over to do to get it done. I was introduced to the technician who showed me the various systems. I decided what I wanted, and he went to to work on my car.

But my car stereo problems continued. He was soon back, saying that my car needed another part, one they didn’t have. In fact, he had done some research, and apparently only one existed and could only be bought on Ebay. As he was giving me the information, he mentioned that he had taken the time to read the reviews of this seller and felt comfortable that I would get the material in a timely manner and in good shape.

it was then that I decided this guy was going to be my electronics guy from now. Those little things that he didn’t have to do, but did anyway, built a bond between us.

It’s the same with my eye doctor. After I came down with a case of iritis and was told to see a opthamologist, I was at a loss. Most of the time, I just had my eyes checked at the store when I needed new glasses. After several calls, one receptionist told me that I had reached the wrong office (they dealt with serious diseases of the eye) but to call Dr. Cheij. “He’ll find the time to help you.” And he did. Now I go to him for routine check ups and buy my contacts from the office.

Sometimes it’s not even going the extra mile. Sometimes just an extra step for someone can build a relationship. It can be the tutor who hangs around a little longer to make sure the student knows how to attach that file after all. It can be sending the article by email to make sure the student receives it. It can be asking a follow-up question to make sure you get the person to the right place.

Little things can build loyalty.

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