Monday Motivator: Got a Chip on Your Shoulder? Be Like Aaron Rodgers

After watching Fear the Walking Dead  last night, I turned over to football. Since I don’t really follow sports, I find them relaxing to have on as I’m getting ready for the next day. The Green Bay Packers had just scored a touchdown, which put them ahead. The announcers were discussing how calm the quarterback Aaron Rodgers usually is and how he helps the team and the fans calm down and get things done.

One said that it was hard to believe now that he sat through several rounds on draft day waiting to be picked.

The other said that he kept that particular chip on his shoulder for several years and it made him a determined, perhaps even better, player.

It seems to me that when we have that proverbial chip on the shoulder, things can go either one of two ways. It can weigh us down mentally, becoming the excuse for every bad thing that happens to us.

Or we can be like Aaron. We still feel the sting and the anger, but with it, a determination to persist and succeed, to show the people who didn’t like, respect, or want us that we have what it takes.

So if you have to a have a chip on your shoulder (and let’s face it: We’re all human, so we will at some point.), be like Aaron.

BTW, watching the game last night made me wonder where the expression came from. Which is why I’m the Jolly Librarian and not the Jolly Sports Announcer.


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