Monday Motivator: Five Reasons to Love November

Today I noticed that everyone seemed to be in a bad mood. Maybe it was that Halloween was over, and we were all suffering from a sugar overload. Maybe it was that daytime savings time has ended, and people are dreading the early nights. Maybe it was because the Commodores, the Titans, the Packers, and the Mets all lost this weekend.

At our college, November also starts the most stressful time of the semester for both faculty and students: papers to write and grade, tests to make, take, and grade, worry about grades, worry about grades getting turned in on time, etc.

So it may be that none of us started this month in the best of moods. But there are many reasons to love November. Here are five:

  • November 7 is Book Lovers Day. With the early nights, what would be better than making a cup of tea, snuggling under a blanket, and reading a book on your to-read list? Here are some books on our recommended and to-read lists.
  • Maybe you don’t just want to read a novel, but write one. Well, November is National Novel Writing Month. Take some time out each day and finally get started on that mystery, bodice ripper, or THE Great American Novel that’s hiding inside of you.
  • In these stressful times, it’s always good to practice kindness. Luckily, World Kindness Day is November 13. Sure, we should be kind everyday, but sometimes we need a reminder.
  • November is also Native American Heritage month. Let’s celebrate the cultures of the first citizens of our country.
  • And, of course, Thanksgiving. Enjoy the time off, appreciate your family and friends, and cheer on your favorite football team. And take some time to consider the times good fortune has come your way in 2015.

Happy November, all.


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