Monday Motivator: Be Thankful

This is the week to be thankful. Like most folks, I am grateful for the big things, like family and health. But I think it helps to also remember the smaller things that make our lives fuller and happier.

Here’s my list of such items:

  • Colleagues who are not afraid to challenge me and make me think through my decisions.
  • Friends who share my warped sense of humor.
  • Cats on the internet.
  • People who stay kind despite the fear rampant in our world right now.
  • Librarians with a sense of humor.
  • Finding new books that make me long for reading time each night, currently Death and Mr. Pickwick.
  • Jon Snow might be alive!
  • The fact that I get to spend my working days helping students.


Happy Thanksgiving to you all!




2 thoughts on “Monday Motivator: Be Thankful

  1. Hi – It’s Stephen Jarvis, the author of Death and Mr Pickwick here. I am absolutely delighted that my novel makes you “long for reading time each night.” You might like to take a look at the novel’s facebook page – I post there every day, and the great thing is that others post too. There is a real sense of a ‘fan community’ starting up at that page. (As I always say now that the page is up and running – the pleasures of Death and Mr Pickwick don’t have to end when you reach the last page!) And by the way, I see that you love cats on the internet – well there is an official Death and Mr Pickwick cat, Sir Pelzi, whose owner is a huge fan. Best wishes Stephen

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