Monday Motivator: Sing

A few years ago, a study came out that stated that singing in choral group was good for your mental health. I liked the idea, but I didn’t go out and join a group because (1) I am an introvert and the thought of singing in a group horrified me and (2) I am a horrible singer.

Still, music is a great stress reliever, and the lack of skill doesn’t mean that people like me can’t share in its benefits.

With the internet, we have constant access to music. On a stressful day, I’ll go to YouTube, find a classical channel, and allow Bach or Mozart to calm me down.

But sometimes the passive reception of music is not enough. So I sing. Loudly. And badly in my car.  A year or so ago, my car stereo stopped talking to my iPhone. So while I was trying to get the problem fixed, I was without music. I soon decided that, although my commute is short, I need the ability to sing along with Snow Patrol, Bruce Springsteen, and Beth Orton when the mood strikes. Luckily, I need musical therapy the most on the drive home when it’s dark. Other drivers can’t see me, mouth open wide and hands hitting the steering wheel as if I’m the drummer in the band.

I also sing at the piano. Regular readers of this blog know I took up the piano a couple of years ago. I am not making much progress, but I’ve found plunking out a song is one of the best stress relievers out there. It makes me concentrate, and for a while, there’s nothing but black and white piano keys.

So don’t worry about your skill or lack of. Enjoy music today. You’ll be happier for it.



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