Monday Motivator: Spread Joy

This is the last post for 2015 since the College will be closed next week. It’s hard to believe that the year has gone by so quickly.

As we close out one year and look towards the next, I can think of one piece of advice that will help us do both well: Spread joy wherever you are.

Sometimes it seems that we are surrounded by complainers, shamers, accusers, and just plain old Debbie Downers. (Sometimes all we have to do is look in the mirror to find all of them.) Although there is a lot that needs fixing in the world,  I’m not sure that people have to be mean to make those changes.

Since there’s enough negativity right now, be the person who doesn’t participate in that. Instead spread joy. Be the person who makes people feel better instead of worse. Be the person who finds the good in others, even your opponents. Be the person who’s slow to anger and quick to forgive. Be the person willing to listen. Smile when you’re made to wait. If the waiter or salesclerk makes a mistake, care about their feelings as well.

Just spread joy.

Happy holidays.



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