Monday Motivator: Make a Resolution (or Don’t)

Many of my friends seem to be on an anti-resolution kick this year. Their Facebook posts are adamant that they are giving up on this constant self-improvement quest that so many of us seem to be on with its “I’m going to be better” and the resulting “I’ve failed again” cycle. They are proclaiming an attitude of gratitude for what they have and acceptance for who they are.

I admire my friends for their ‘resolutionless’ New Year. But I’ll not be joining them, even though I know I’m setting myself up for failure. Actually, for one of my resolutions, I have failed three of the four days of 2016 so far.

So why do I keep making resolutions year after year (and, in some cases, the same ones)?

Because resolutions, oddly, give me hope. I certainly wouldn’t have gone into education if I didn’t believe that people are capable of change. And so each  year, I give myself a set of goals, knowing that I probably won’t make all, or even any, of them. But it’s a statement of my belief that I can change, maybe not this  year or  next, but at some point.

And occasionally, they work. I probably won’t ever exercise everyday, but I certainly exercise more than I did before it became a resolution. And while my resolution to learn to play piano had many starts and stops, I now practice every day. Even my 25% beginning on this  year’s resolution is better than the 0% I had been experiencing.

The basic bottom line is this: Ignore New Year’s resolutions if they don’t help you. Make them if they do.



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