Reading Challenges

The Jolly Librarian never has a problem finding things to read. The bookcases groaning with tomes yet to be read are evidence of that fact. But many of my fellow goal setters on are often asking for titles of books. (I’m beginning to think I’m the only avid reader that chose ‘reading’ as a topic on the site.)

This time of year, there are many reading challenges that can provide guidance for a happy year of reading. I like ones that provide flexibility. Especially if you are  just getting into reading for pleasure, you want to be able to experiment and follow your pleasure when you find an author or theme that entices you.

Here are some of my favorites:

  • Goodreads. The Goodreads challenge is wide open. You simply choose the number of books you plan to read this year and then add them as you go. My goal for this year is an ambitious 70. (Wish me luck!)
  • The PopSugar Ultimate Reading Challenge is a little more directed, but only a little. Categories this year include 1) a book set in your home state, 2) a book published in 2016, 3) a book with a blue cover, and 4) a book that takes place during the summer. So there’s a lot of choice. I took the challenge last year; the only real problem I had was an ethical one: If a book covered three categories, could I mark off all three at one time?
  • If you feel a need to visit the classics, there’s a challenge for that as well. The Twelve-Month Classics Challenge has more focus but still quite a bit of choice. The categories are broad: an American classic, a children’s classic, a classic written by a woman, etc.
  • For the adventurous, take the Read the World challenge. Each month, you read a book about or by an author in a different part of the world.  For example, January is Africa.

But if you are still wondering about what to read, go to your local library. Those folks will direct you to some good books.



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