Reading Challenges: I Found Mine!

As I’ve mentioned before, there are many good reading challenges for 2016 out there. You can go with sheer numbers, classics, or diversity. This past week, a friend of mine posted one on Pinterest, and I decided to choose it. It’s called the 2016 Grown Up Reading Challenge.

Why this one?

  • The number of books (20) is reasonable. I read many more books than that, but I don’t want all my reading to be directed.
  • This challenge allows me to enjoy some of my favorite topics: history, biographies, classics, and prize winners.
  • But sometimes, I can get too comfortable with my reading choices. This challenge  makes go outside my comfort zone. I will read books on music, art, science, finance, and even (eek!) business. There’s also an “outside your comfort zone” category, but the only topic left would be math. Ack!

So I’ve chosen my list, and I’ll be updating my progress from time to time. I’d really like to know what you’re reading as well.




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