Monday Motivator: Be a Good Sport

I have to admit that I didn’t watch the Super Bowl. Unfortunately, like most Sunday evenings, I was rushing to do the chores that I put off all weekend. However, I did catch the halftime show. And there was probably no better example of good sports than Coldplay.

As we say in the South, bless their hearts. While Coldplay can fill stadiums (I saw them at Bridgestone Arena), there was always a disconnect between the band and the Super Bowl. And apparently, someone else realized that as well. Because last night, Coldplay started the show, but the band was quickly eclipsed by Bruno Mars and Beyonce.

Still, anyone who watched the show would have been hard pressed to find any evidence that the Coldplay band members weren’t enjoying themselves. Chris Martin was grinning from ear to ear, and even did that weird dancing he does (even more impressive considering Bruno and Beyonce had just killed a mini dance-off.) Will was beating the drums as enthusiastically as ever. And while Johnny and Guy looked serious, they always look serious.

Coldplay could have chosen not to play if they couldn’t be the whole show. They could have decided to phone it in once they realized they weren’t going to the stars. But from what I could tell, they didn’t. They gave a good performance.

Sometimes being a good sport is not about being a gracious winner. It’s also about realizing that your gift is not enough to make an event shine and letting other people help make it something better. And Coldplay did just that.


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