Monday Motivator: Review and Renew

We have started spring break here, which means that, at the moment, there are more staff members than students in the library. The place is quiet. Faculty are gone. Students are gone. It’s time to catch up on projects that require more than caught time.

We’re also two weeks away from spring. And a new season is a good time to review the goals we’ve set for ourselves and judge our progress or even decide that they no longer fit us and let them go.

Here are some of my goals for 2016 and my progress on them:

  • Keep my house clean. I am a horrible housekeeper. In fact, I pretty much the apply “dead body” idea to cleaning house. If I died and people broke in to find my body, and they talked more about the condition of my house than the fact that I was dead, then it’s time to clean. I just keep putting it off day after day, week after week. So at this point, I need to accept this about myself and learn to live with a dirty house. Or give up the guilt about hiring someone to clean my house when I’m perfectly capable of doing it myself.
  • Write more. I have been much more successful here, working daily on various projects. However, I have way too many rough drafts and not enough edited material. It’s time to shift gears.
  • Play piano. This I do everyday. But it’s time to face the facts. I’m not getting much better. I am never going to play at anyone’s wedding. I am never going to be able to jump on stage and join in. I am never going to be able to play “Happy Birthday” at a family party. I may need to move this from a goal to “fun activity” for spare time.
  • Be Healthier. After a week of being sick followed by my birthday, in which I ate cake everyday for a week, this is a goal that needs to be renewed. So I’m back on the track to get my 10,000 steps a day. I’m checking the amount of sodium I eat. And I’m cutting back on birthday cake.

Taking time to review our progress helps keep us on track or get us back there. This week, take a few moments to see how your 2016 is shaping up.



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