Monday Motivator: Automate the Small Stuff

When Faceback CEO Mark Zuckerberg went back to work after taking paternity leave, he

posted this photozuckerberg closetwith the caption, “What should I wear?”

Zuckerberg is known for wearing the same thing everyday to the office. Why? Because the less mental energy he spends on minor decisions, the more he has for major ones.

Now for some people, the thought of wearing the same types and colors of clothes everyday would make them wildly depressed. Sure, I wear a lot of cardigans, but they are many, many different colors.

Still, when I think of the minor decisions I make most days, it makes me weary just thinking of them:

  • What time to get up
  • What to wear
  • Wash my hair or just put a headband on
  • Where to go for lunch
  • Candy, yogurt, or ice cream for my after-dinner snack (Or all three!)
  • DVD or a rerun of “The Gilmore Girls”

Decision fatigue can creep in without our even being aware of it. So take a moment to think about where you can automate some decisions so that you can spend mental energy elsewhere.



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