Monday Motivator: Make a Difference

To be honest, it has been hard to come up with a motivator today. A friend’s brother-in-law lies in a hospital bed, and there is a chance his family is going to have to make some difficult decisions .

I know this man by sight, and I think we may have only ever had one conversation. But you don’t have to know him personally to have been affected by his life. This is a man who sometimes bought two tickets to a show at the Belcourt when he was coming alone because he wanted to support the independent theater in town. He is a brilliant writer and editor, giving support to artists of all types. He is generous to a fault. In fact, I was talking to a friend and colleague of his today, and she said the only criticism anyone ever has of him is that he is too kind-hearted, much more likely to take your work upon himself than fire or punish you.

I suppose when random things like this happen, we can’t help but wonder why the good have to suffer, why those who give so much to their communities are sometimes stricken while the bad and the selfish flourish on.

It’s not a question I can  answer.

His family and friends hope that he has years left. But I know one thing: Even if he doesn’t, he has already made a difference in this world. He is loved, admired, and respected, and the the good he has put out into the world will continue long after he is gone, whenever that happens to be.

So while his friends and family wait for news and pray that it’s good news, please think of them and pray, if you are the praying sort. But also do what he would really want you to do. Go out and make a difference in someone else’s life: Leave a little extra tip. Buy that magazine from that kid selling for her school. Show up when someone needs help moving. Don’t yell at the less-than-capable colleague; show him how to do the task one more time.

We sometimes forget that the really good people won’t be with us forever. And they depend on us to keep their story going.


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