Monday Motivator: Resolution Check

You probably missed it, but June 1 was New Year’s Resolution Recommitment Day, a day when you pull out your resolutions and see how you’re doing, and, if like most people, have failed at, or totally forgotten about, them, recommit yourself.

Here in the library, most of us made a reading challenge. I had two:

  1. On Goodreads, I said I would read 70 books. I have read 35,  five ahead of schedule.
  2. I also decided to do the grown-up reading challenge. I am doing pretty well here as well, having read ten.

In other areas of my life, my resolutions aren’t working as well:

  • I resolved to lose enough weight so that I could get into certain clothes in my closet. This has been a total failure. As of June 1, I actually weigh more than I ever have in my life! But I am recommiting to this goal. I want to wear all the nice corduroy pants I bought one winter.
  • I resolved to write more. And I write everyday. But I realized that this is not enough. I need to edit and send out things to be published. So I’m modified that goal to be more effective.

Have your resolutions fallen by the wayside? Here are some tips to get back on track.

  • Maybe you “over-resolved.” Look back at your resolutions and pick the ones you care most about.
  • Get an accountability partner, someone who will hold you to your plans.
  • Make a plan. Did you resolve to exercise more? Put exercise down on your calendar and treat it like you would a meeting with your boss. If you want to lose weight but can’t resist French fries when you eat out, pack a week’s worth of lunches on Sunday.
  • Be realistic. Many resolutions are about becoming the perfect person. You’re a pretty good person just the way you are. (Let’s all sing some Billy Joel here.) I am never going to go on an extreme diet. I am never going to not buy new purses each season. That’s who I am. So to say that I’m going to stop (except for a major health or financial emergency) is just a big old lie I’m telling myself. Be honest.

Basically, resolutions should help you enjoy life a bit more. If they aren’t, dump them.



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