Monday Motivator: Use a Filter

If you are anything like me, you are feeling sad, frustrated, and overwhelmed today. Sad because there was another brutal mass killing this weekend. Frustrated because we can’t seem to stop them or even have a civilized conversation about the best way to stop them. And overwhelmed because good people hate when others suffer and don’t know how to best help.

But one thing I have discovered does NOT help me at all is following the event on social media. While everyone has the right to his/her opinion and the right to express it, I’ve learned that I also have the right not to read everyone’s opinion. In general, the comments that follow these sorts of events are full of emotion,  selective of facts, and often have an agenda. (Whether that agenda is correct or not is not  my point here. I firmly believe that the only way we can move together is to communicate with each other, and most comments do more to alienate than bring together. And after these kind of mass shootings, I desperately need some hope, not more despair.)

I’m not recommending that anyone stick his/her head in the sand. But, if like me, you are disheartened by the types of comments you see on social media, this post is a reminder: You don’t have to engage. At all.


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