Monday Motivator: Not Perfect? So What!

Last week, I was taking out my garbage when I met my neighbor walking his dog whose head was encased in one of those cones that dogs are forced to wear after medical procedures. Sophie, a white fluffy dog, had been bitten by a chigger and couldn’t stop scratching, so she was being forced to wear the cone of shame.

Still, this did not keep her from jumping on me, letting me  pet her, and basically just having a good time. As I went back inside, I remembered an article I read years ago that stated that if people acted more like dogs, our relationships would be a lot better. Dogs don’t play hard to get. They don’t hide their feelings. They are grateful for attention and show it.

And they absolutely don’t care if they have a cone around their head. They are still going to love you. I watch a lot of Animal Planet and I have seen dogs lose eyes, legs, and tails, and they still greet everyone with the same amount of enthusiasm. They don’t worry if their tummy is poochy or their three-legged run looks stupid. They keep on enjoying life.

If we’re looking for a relationship or self-esteem guru, we could do a lot worse than look to the dog.




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