Monday Motivator: Put Your Happy Pants On

Today has not been a great day:

  1. I went to the doctor where I waited for more than a hour and then received a minor but painful treatment.
  2. I thought I had come up with a perfect activity that would remove 90% of the clutter in our office but found the plan wouldn’t work.
  3. I discovered that there was a good chance that all my plans for the evenings this week will have to be scrapped.
  4. And I’m hungry. But we’re three people down in the library, so I have to wait for lunch.


Unfortunately, I broke one of my rules about being unhappy: Being unhappy doesn’t give you the right to spread the feeling to other people. I was grumpy and made other people miserable. So now I’m trying to make it up to my poor colleagues.

My dad had a saying every time my sister and I were upset: “Well, you’ve got the same pants to get happy in.”

And I have gotten happy. Now I just need to remember to do it before I ruin other people’s day.



3 thoughts on “Monday Motivator: Put Your Happy Pants On

  1. I love the mental picture inspired by this Happy Pants blog. Perhaps we should all keep an extra pair of colorful, patterned trousers around to change into when we need to get happy! (It might also serve as a warning to others that we need to have more personal space that day…mmm) Thanks for the great idea.

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