Daily Archives: September 19, 2016

Monday Motivator: Don’t Be a Piggy

Years ago, I was at Vandyland with a friend. We decided to have a milkshake and asked the waitress if we could share one or if we should each order one. She said as only Southern waitresses in diners can, “Well, if you are a piggy, you should order a whole one. Otherwise, you can share.”

I thought about that this weekend as I tried to fill up my car. I was stunned by the lines and the stations with no gasoline. If what I read was correct, there was no real reason for it. We created the shortage by panicking. Apparently, some people were not only filling up their cars, but also filling up lots of those plastic red jugs as if the zombie apocalypse had just occurred.

But folks, let’s face it, if the zombie apocalypse happens, most of us, whether we have a half  a tank or gallons in reserve, are going to die in the first wave. Zombies are tenacious creatures.

And for those times that aren’t the zombie apocalypse, just relaxing, not going overboard, and being willing to let others get some needed supplies should get us through.

In other words, don’t be a piggy.