How to Succeed in College (5 Tips at a Time): Part 5

Today’s tips come from a staff member and former faculty member:

1.  Take care of yourself.  Juggling school, work, family can be difficult.  Be sure to include time for yourself and your well being.  Even a five minute walk on a beautiful day can work wonders.  

2.  Keep your study time focused.  Watching the third season of Breaking Bad (again), texting friends and trolling on Facebook, all while you are reading the required chapter in your textbook, is not an effective way to study.  A short block of focused study time is much more effective than an hour of “multitask” studying.

3.  Know thyself. When you tell yourself, “I do better under pressure,” know if that is really true or if it is a rationalization which allows you to put things off.  Do you really study better at night or are you studying at 1:00 a.m. because you have Netflix?

4.  Allow imperfection.  Being a “good student” doesn’t mean you should know everything.  We all have our strengths and weaknesses.  It is okay to earn a B or a C if that is as much mastery as you are going to get in a particular subject.  Do your best and accept that your best isn’t perfect.

5.  Stay organized.  Find a system you can maintain over the long haul, not just the first week of class. Your pockets or the backseat of your car is not your best option for filing papers.  Check your school email every day so you aren’t surprised by a due date or a changed class location.




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