How to Succeed in College (5 Tips at a Time): Part 7

1.  Stay current.  Don’t let yourself get behind on the course reading or completing assignments.  Procrastination causes stress, gives you less time for doing quality work and doesn’t allow you to get the most out of class discussions.

2.  Participate.  Be an active participant in class discussions and actively think about the content of the reading.

3.  Actually learn the material.  Don’t just concern yourself with accumulating the necessary points for a course, but actually try to understand the material, content, bigger picture.  Ask yourself, “Could I pass the final exam if it were given to me 6 months from now?”  If you are truly learning the material and not just memorizing, the answer will be “yes.”

4. Review frequently.  Be sure to review the material in an ongoing manner, rather than cramming before an exam.

5.  Be open to confusion.  Learning new material isn’t easy (it’s not supposed to be). If you are being challenged, you should expect moments when you don’t “get it.”  Yet.  Don’t say “I can’t get this,” say “I don’t understand this, yet.”



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