Monday Motivator: It’s Okay to Be Silly

Yesterday I caught the last thirty minutes of Shaun of the Dead, which is the funniest zombie movie ever made. Our heroes, hunkered down in a bar, are attacked by a zombie as the juke box starts playing Queen’s “Don’t Stop Me Now.” They hit the zombie with pool sticks in time with the music. It’s incredibly silly, but also irresistible.

Sometimes as adults, we forget that it is perfectly acceptable to be silly at times. It’s okay to put aside our business suits, our rules, our procedures, and our processes and instead put on costumes, make funny faces at each other, and tell stupid jokes that make people laugh because they are so stupid.

There will always be problems and tragedies that will and should take our attention. And we should do all we can to solve those problems.

But we didn’t give up our silly bone when we moved out of toddlerhood. So this week, I challenge you to be silly.

And I may or may not have on a witch costume as I type this.


One thought on “Monday Motivator: It’s Okay to Be Silly

  1. Ha! I wore a Pikachu tail and ears around all day on Monday. I provided a bag of funny hats for my staff so they could indulge themselves, too.

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