Daily Archives: November 15, 2016

Monday Motivator: Sometimes It Does Take a Village (or at least people in a library)

Warning: This is a convoluted story.

Aggie from the English department asked if any of us wanted a kitten. The answer was no, since we had just spent the last month helping our IT guy find a new home for a cat, a stray that appeared at his house, didn’t get along with his dog, and was stressing out his pregnant wife. (The IT guy’s, not the dog’s.) Finally, Amy, who may have contacted every single person she ever knew, found the cat a home. (You have to understand when you have a smart and kind IT guy, you do what you can to make him happy.) We had exhausted our resources.

But then Aggie said that there were coyotes in the neighborhood and the poor stray cat could soon become a victim. That made Pam’s soft heart grow even softer, but she already has five cats. As she always does whenever there is a stray cat story, she tried to convince me to take the “baby.”

My answer was no, but also feeling guilty about the cat and possible coyotes, I agreed to help sponsor the cat’s medical bill if she found it a home. Charles, whose heart is even softer than Pam’s when it comes to animals, also agreed to help out.

So after weeks of trying to catch the cat and then make a vet appointment, the cat is ready to make the trip to its new home with Pam’s niece.

I’m not sure there’s a real point to this story, except after an election season that was so divisive and cruel, it was nice to be part of something communal and kind.