Monday Motivator: Just Let it Be

According to my social media feeds, this election apparently split some families, and many people dreaded going home to face what they saw as inevitable taunting and dissension. Others were impatient with this first group, encouraging them to go home and just be loving: “If my brother were still here, you can bet I wouldn’t be arguing about politics. I’d be appreciating him.”

I found myself in both groups. My family split down the middle on the election, with strong feelings on both sides. But we are also still adjusting to holidays with one fewer place setting.

The holiday was fine, mainly because of one of the things that we tend to forget (especially on social media): we don’t live our lives obsessed about one thing (or most of us don’t). My family didn’t argue for 72 hours over politics because we were also cooking, playing with the cats, washing cars, shopping, and watching football. We also didn’t mourn for all 72 hours because of the above list.

But we have spent holidays arguing, and we have spent them mourning. And those were fine as well. Because sometimes you simply have to accept where you are. As much as you love your family, there will be times when you fight. And sometimes, all you want to do is stay in bed until the holiday is over. And you have the right to get through those times the best way you know how.




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