Monday Motivator: A January Gratitude List

I think most would agree that we are living in contentious times, and it is sometimes hard to find the silver lining in any cloud. It’s important to remember, in times like these, moments for which we are grateful. So this is my gratitude list for January:

  • On a snowy day, as I was driving to work, I started sliding on the ice. But either through my own skill (unlikely), divine intervention, or just plain luck, I was able to right my car and make it to my destination.
  • I’m also grateful that we didn’t have any more snow in January, so I didn’t have to drive on ice again.
  • I am grateful to my colleague Charles who, when we were filling boxes with discarded videos, kindly took the box with the scuttling roach in it and humanely removed it from the library.
  • I am grateful for the colleague who found a harp ornament at the symphony and bought it for me.
  • Although I was sick for several days during the month, I am grateful I didn’t get the nasty stomach virus going around.

I hope you all had moments in January that made you smile.





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