Monday Motivator: Get Your Mojo Back

Last night was the beginning of the second half of the season of The Walking Dead. Even those of you who aren’t fans have to know that this has been an especially brutal season with some fans simply walking away from the unremitting bleakness. The murders that started the season were bad enough, but the utterly defeated Rick didn’t help.

But, in my humble opinion (and I am no expert on the show and have never read the comic book), Rick needed to be defeated. He had become too sure that his way was the only way to survive. He had stopped listening.

Still, sad Rick was no fun. And it was encouraging to watch him start back on the right path: recognizing that he had been wrong and admitting it to Maggie, making a little joke to Darryl, believing in Gabriel, and even smiling at the end of the episode. Rick is getting his mojo back.

At any given time, many of us can identify with sad Rick. Our plans have gone awry. The bad people seem to be winning. And, in some cases, we have to admit that our own hubris has contributed to our downfall.

But it doesn’t have to be permanent. The first step, whether we’re fighting Negan and zombies or something more pedestrian, is to realize that we don’t want to stay there, realize what power we have, and take the first step.

So let’s do it.


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