Why Librarians Shouldn’t Own Expensive Sunglasses

Yesterday as I planned to go to lunch, I found that my sunglasses were broken. This was annoying since it was sunny, and I was going to walk to my favorite restaurant. But, unfortunately, it’s not an unusual occurrence in my life.

I blame my job. Library workers can’t help loving books and never want to be without a good read wherever they find themselves. So right now, in my purse, in addition to a wallet and some lip gloss, I have the following:

  • a physical book that I’m almost done with,
  • an iPad mini that holds several other books and magazines so that I have something to read if I’m not in the mood for the physical book,
  • a pair of reading glasses that I only need if I’m reading a book with small print, which is almost never, but who wants to to take the chance?
  • a rubbery implement called a BookBone that holds down the pages on the physical book, and
  • a notebook in case I get some good ideas while reading.

Obviously, my sunglasses don’t stand a chance. But I’ve learned a few lessons along the way. No Sunglass Hut or designer frames for me.

I went to Target and tried on new sunglasses. One pair was lovely with gray rims and a shape that fit my face. I looked at the price tag: $20. I looked at my purse. I moved over to the $7.99 pairs.




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