Daily Archives: June 12, 2017

Monday Motivator: Kiss a Cat

This past week on My Cat from Hell, Jackson Galaxy worked with a couple. The woman had a cat; her boyfriend had a fear of cats. This was a huge fear. He was sure that cats wanted nothing more than to scratch his eyes out of his face. And it was a fear that he had been bred into him. Apparently,  he was the latest of generations of family members who feared cats. He didn’t just not care for them; he was petrified.

Part of Jackson’s therapy was for the guy to have play time with his girlfriend’s cat and also to visit a cat cafe. At the end of the show, Jackson and the couple returned to the cafe and left the guy there surrounded by cats.

After the commercial, they walked into the cafe and asked him how he was doing.

“I kissed a cat,” he answered.

It was a happy ending, but it got me thinking about my own fears and how I’ve grown to accept them over the years. Perhaps it’s time I take out a couple out for a walk in the sunlight and maybe even kiss one.