I’m willing to bet that there is one constant among libraries all over the world: If a storm hits and the power goes off, all the patrons stare at the library staff as if they turned off the electricity on purpose.

Today lightning struck somewhere nearby. The electricity was off for only a couple of seconds, but long enough to cause the lights to go out and the computers to shut off.

The lights came back on, and we were confronted with faces staring at us with a mixture of despair and blame.

Quick-thinking Amy yelled out that all might not be lost, and she went out among the students to see what could be saved. She also used this as a teachable moment, reminding students to save their work, that reliance on auto-save might not be the best of ideas in bad weather.

Luckily, everyone seemed to get back to what they were doing with a minimum of effort.

All’s well, although we are hoping for a break so we can go to lunch without getting drenched. Or struck by lightning.




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