Monday Motivator: Another Month, Another Challenge

For June, I chose the challenge of writing every day. So far, so good. I certainly have not created anything Wordsworthian, but I have written something each day. So I hope to make it to Friday and keep going.

For July, I decided to go a different way. I’ve been in my office for fifteen years and have gathered a massive amount of STUFF: books from my teaching days, knick knacks that have mysteriously appeared on my bookcase, notebooks from long-forgotten committees, food that could be eaten in case I’m trapped in the Zombie apocalypse but, otherwise, shouldn’t be touched, and so on. So I am undertaking a massive decluttering project, using Jason Manning’s 30 Day Minimalism Game.

This challenge adds a bit of a twist. On day one, you get rid of one thing. On day two, two things. All the way to Day 30 when you throw out 30 things. I’m already feeling a twinge of anxiety in my stomach as I think of that last week. But it needs to be done.

So here goes.

Who’s with me for the July Challenge?




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