Daily Archives: July 10, 2017

Monday Motivator: Sometimes Don’t Trust Your Gut

Last week, I received a message to call someone. My reaction was immediate and extreme. I became quite upset, sure that something bad was going to happen. My heart raced. My stomach churned. I was sure that the day could not end in anything other than disaster.

Why was I so sure of this? Well, it had happened once before, and my gut told me that this had to be round two.

So how did it end? It took one visit and one phone call to solve the issue, and all was well. The entire disaster had occurred only in my mind.

We tell each other to trust our gut, and we recount the times that intuition saved us from some horrible fate. But what we forget are the times our gut is just plain wrong. Mainly because it’s part of us, with all our prejudices, wrong ideas, and impulses. Our gut often simply confirms our biases.

Maybe a better thing saying might be “Listen to your gut after giving it a thorough questioning.”

Unfortunately, that doesn’t fit neatly on a t-shirt.